In contrast to Fallout 3, New Vegas begins with your death explains Obsidian’s Chris Avellone. Whereas Bethesda’s last instalment in the Fallout series saw the player born and raised in The Vault,  Obsidian’s New Vegas has the player shot twice in the head and dumped just outside of the town of Goodsprings, Nevada. Rescued by a benevolent robot known as Vegas Vic, you are taken into to town and left in the care of Doctor Mitchell who heals you before commencing the character creation process. Like in Fallout 3, this is where you define your characteristics like name and appearance but, as the game does not follow your story from birth, you are also able to set the age of your character. Are you a fresh-faced newbie or a battle-hardened veteran of Fallout’s wastelands? The character creation process is handled cleverly and, following a session on the Vigor Testing machine dealing with the SPECIAL stats, a Q&A with Doctor Mitchell allows the game to suggest some skill tags for you. While you don’t have to take the game’s advice, Avellone explains that you should choose these tags carefully as they will have implications throughout the game (more on that later).

Paul Younger
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