Fallout: New Vegas Will Have 65,000 Lines Of Dialogue

Jason Bergman, the senior producer on Fallout: New Vegas, has been speaking in-house to the Bethesda blog about co-ordinating the game’s recently announced cast and resulting lines of dialogue.

“We do have a very large cast simply because we had 65,000 lines of voiceover dialogue, which is significantly more than Fallout 3,” Bergman said, referring to Fallout 3’s reported 40,000 lines of dialogue.

Of course, as Bergman also makes clear, many of these lines are simple variations on a theme, “We have a lot of alternate versions of the same lines because the player can align themselves with any one of three main factions, and their decisions completely change the storyline.” Player gender also required alternative takes.
As always, the key here will be whether those lines of dialogue are well-written and well-delivered. Our hope is that there was enough money left after hiring this increased amount of star-power to employ more than two people to voice the rest of the Mojave desert NPCs.

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