Fan favorite Armed and Dangerous limited time mode returns to Apex Legends

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The Apex Legends September Soiree event is well under way. This week, players can hop into the Armed and Dangerous limited time game mode. Dummie’s Big Day was the limited time mode that kicked off the Apex Legends September Soiree. However, it had to be removed due to a game breaking bug that was discovered. Despite this, the September Soiree event has seen success amongst players.

Fan favorite game mode, Armed and Dangerous removes a variety of weapons from the rotation. You will be quick to discover that there are no submachine guns, pistols, assault rifles, or light machine guns. Instead, players have to battle it out with sniper rifles and shotguns only. Therefore, you should expect to engage in both close combat and long range gunfights.

 Apex Legends September Soiree item store is taking us back in time

In addition, Legend skins from the 1920’s themed Grand Soiree will make an appearance in the store for the duration of the Armed and Dangerous mode. The Apex Legends store will be inspired by the Roaring Twenties era. Also, players who are eager to open loot boxes can get a legendary bundle. This bundle will give you a legendary Pathfinder gun charm, a legendary Apex pack, and seven regular packs. As well as this, players will see the return of the popular Bangalore Viceroy Bundle.

The Apex Legends September Soiree still has more limited time modes to offer. It is expected that another two modes will be available to play. A prominent Apex Legends dataminer leaked the limited time modes that would appear as a part of September Soiree . However, without any official comment from developers, this cannot be confirmed. As the limited time modes are on a weekly rotation, players will not have to wait long to see what is next in the September Soiree event.

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