OK, so the way they went about this is very unscientific, and lacks verification from people at From Software, but the argument is worth your consideration. If you are a Dark Souls fan unsatisfied with Dark Souls 2, you may want to read this case for From Software assigning a b-team on it.

    So, basically, a fan looked up the list of developers who worked on Dark Souls 1 and 2, including Dark Souls 1 DLC. He then compared who stuck around and who was newly hired. Basically, he found three things:

    1. There’s little overlap between the developers for Dark Souls 1 and 2, including the DS 1 DLC team
    2. Dark Souls 1’s more important developers didn’t join in for Dark Souls 2, replaced with devs who did not work on the franchise before
    3. Naotoshi Zin stepped up as lead game designer for Dark Souls 2, from being a supervisor before

    So, the big question in my mind is what the other developers are working on. What could From Software be thinking? My big guess; they’re planning a major game, one so important it’s taken resources from their most important and profitable game.

    I wish we did have another game to look forward to from From Software, but for now, you can read through the details of this fan theory here.


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