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In Fantasy General 2‘s campaign, you’ll have a number of heroes that you can encounter such as the main character Falirson. Each hero will have their own perks that can help turn the tide of battle. Given that leveling can take a while, you’ll want to ensure that you’re picking the correct skills each time. In this Fantasy General 2 guide, we’ll take a look at the best hero skills in the game.

Note: You can also check out our Fantasy General 2 guides and features hub for everything you need to know.

Fantasy General 2 – Know your heroes

For the most part, you’ll have five named heroes that you can field in your Fantasy General 2 campaign as the Barbarian faction. Each of them will have particular hero skills that you can pick whenever they level up.

Without spoiling too much, some of these heroes can permanently die. Others can leave via dialogue choices or based on the story. Just for additional reference, I hope that you’ve already checked out our campaign basics and priority units guides. This is to ensure that you can still mop up the battlefield regardless of the heroes that are available for that mission.

Note: You won’t need those perks that increase your health or add an additional artifact. You can safely ignore these until much later in the game when you don’t really have anything else to pick. Also, although the Thane is considered a hero unit, it doesn’t have a skill tree.

Falirson Fantasy General 2 Guide Hero Skills Perks Skill Tree


Falirson is the main character in Fantasy General 2‘s campaign. As such, losing him in a battle automatically leads to the mission’s failure. Falirson also has the most perks that can drastically improve your strategic and tactical options.

  • Quartermaster and Master Provisions – Both these perks add supply points which allow you to increase the number of units in your army.
  • Construct War Camp – Units can sometimes suffer “kills” (aka. dead troopers in their squad). Finishing a mission when units have dead troops will incur a loss of experience points. During a battle, you can replenish units to full while they’re standing inside a castle at the cost of gold. However, Falirson also has the “Construct War Camp” ability which places a camp on a nearby hex. This functions similar to a castle so you can replenish dead troops.
  • Drill and Drill II – You’ll get these both while going for the war camp and supply perks anyway. You’ll start with recruits that are slightly leveled-up. Even better is that units don’t lose as much experience points if they suffered some trooper deaths at the end of a fight.
  • Rally – This is a free action (so it won’t use up your movement or attack). It improves the morale of all units within a radius of three hexes.

Ailsa the Blind

Falirson’s sister is a blind witch and you’ll be able to recruit her early in the game as part of the story. Ailsa uses ranged magic attacks and spells.

  • Rune-Bound – This is easily the most important hero skill to get in Fantasy General 2. It adds +6 mana at the start of each battle so you’ll have some extra points to spare without having to control a mana pool.
  • Summons – Ailsa can summon Ancestors, Gatekeepers, and, finally, Sentinels. All these units are floating in mid-air which allows them to go through impassable terrain. Since these spirits are magical by nature, they can also do tremendous damage to most human and undead units.
  • Turn Undead – This amazing spell makes all undead units within a radius flee from Ailsa. If they can’t run away, they end up getting destroyed instantly.
  • Chain Lightning and Chain Lightning II – This allows Ailsa to cast a lightning spell on two (later four) hexes.
  • Aura of Wisdom – This passive aura lets all units surrounding Ailsa for two hexes gain 20% more experience points.

Ravencloak Fantasy General 2 Guide Hero Skills Perks Skill Tree.

Doughal Ravencloak

You’ll meet Ravencloak early in the game. He’ll leave for a time but he’ll also rejoin you down the road. Although Ravencloak uses magic-based attacks, he only has a melee weapon.

  • Rune-Bound – Again, this is the best hero skill/perk to have in Fantasy General 2. For best results, equip an Ancestral Band accessory on Ravencloak. This allows him to reveal parts of the map using a single mana point on your first turn. Do this while Ailsa is summoning more spectral units.
  • Rally – Falirson also has this skill, so pick it up as well in case they’re split up on the map.
  • Gloom and Doom – Both curses affect all enemies at a radius of three hexes around Ravencloak. The former guarantees “kills” as opposed to just “wounds” when enemies take damage. The latter halves their damage reduction capabilities.
  • Attuned and Attuned II – These just increase the amount of magic damage that you deal.

Tir Angry-Earth

This earth warden is one of the tankiest heroes in Fantasy General 2. You’re likely to put her in the frontlines to soak up all the damage.

  • Rune-Bound – Same with Ailsa and Ravencloak. If you grab this hero skill, you’d have a whopping 18 mana points when you start a battle.
  • Troll Leader – This boosts surrounding troll units while also providing you a discount when buying new troll recruits.
  • Regeneration – This spell allows units to regenerate 20 HP per turn for six turns.
  • Awaken the Forest – This spell does tremendous damage to a single unit. However, they must be standing inside a forest hex.

Ulnar the Bear

You’ll chance upon this reclusive warrior during a mission early in the game. As a melee fighter, you’ll want to make sure that he keeps striking down your foes while buffing surrounding units.

  • Berserker Frenzy – Ulnar gains +10% more damage as a passive, and this effect will be renewed whenever he attacks.
  • Battle-Cry – When cast, all allied units within a radius of three hexes will also gain the frenzy effect.
  • Berserker Leader – Berserker-type units have 20% more damage reduction.
  • Mighty Roar – Lowers the morale of enemy units in a radius. Falirson has this hero skill by default.

Ulnar Fantasy General 2 Guide Hero Skills Perks Skill Tree

Note: As you progress further through Fantasy General 2‘s Barbarian campaign, you’re going to meet some additional heroes that’ll join your team. I won’t spoil it for you, so it’s best that you reach the mid-game down the road.

That does it for our Fantasy General 2 hero skills guide. For more guides and features, take a look at our nifty hub right over here. You can check out Fantasy General 2 via its Steam store page as well.

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