Last year, Ubisoft took the opportunity to release various Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon materials on April Fool’s Day. It was an appropriate time to tease a game that many couldn’t believe was actually real, even after it was released and they were playing it.

April Fool’s Day has rolled around once again, and with it comes another dubious teaser for Blood Dragon related shenanigans. Spotted as so much is, by NeoGaf.

Dean Evans, creative director on the 1980s-driven add-on, has tweeted an image and short blurb about a limited edition Blood Dragon soundtrack LP that will be produced for Record Store Day and released on 19 April. That part seems suitably real, but take a look at the wallpaper being displayed on the monitor in the background of this photograph:

Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam War II? Ok, perhaps it’s grasping at straws to believe this is anything more than some fan art coincidentally being displayed in the background. But the original game was announced in sly fashion on April Fool’s Day, and that desktop wallpaper is displayed in a fairly noticeable way.

Of course, in Blood Dragon canon (did I just write that series of words? looks like I did, yes) protagonist Sgt. Rex ‘Power’ Colt was created from the toxic ashes left behind after Vietnam War II. So, you know, it is a thing.

Probably wise not to get too over excited about it just yet though, it might just be fan art wallpaper.

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