Ubisoft has announced an ‘Insane’ Collector’s Edition for Far Cry 3, which will include (among other things) almost two additional hours of in-game missions. Oh, and a bobblehead in the image of the somewhat unhinged antagonist Vaas.
Those extra missions are summarised as “Monkey Business”, where you help a new character named Hurk (who has four tasks for you) and “The Lost Expeditions”, which features an exclusive weapon in the form of a Japanese gun.
Extra weapons feature elsewhere in this version, as a ‘Hunter’, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Predator’ pack are all included. These will net you extra goodies like an M700 hunting rifle, tribal tattoos and a bow for multiplayer. It’s likely that these ‘packs’ will be individual pre-order incentives for the non-Collector’s edition.
Finally, you get that 12cm Vaas bobblehead (described as a ‘Wahine’ here, so that’s probably the proper name for it).
The ‘Insane’ edition will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It doesn’t yet appear to be listed for sale in the US Ubisoft store, so the price can’t be confirmed at present.
Enjoy the trailer for it, below.

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