Far Cry 3’s ‘Insane Edition’ spills over into stand-alone DLC pack

Far Cry 3 (5)

Are you looking at your copy of Far Cry 3 and thinking it’s a bit light around the waist? Could it do with putting on a few more DLC pounds? Then perhaps the newly-released ‘Deluxe Bundle’ is for you.

No, it’s not one of those pay-what-you-like indie bundles. It’s a pay-eight-quid-and-get-a-set-of-DLCs kind of thing instead.

Shell out that cost, and you shall receive:

– Six single player missions from Monkey Business and the Lost Expeditions
– Four new animals to hunt: the Mountain Lion, Thylacine, White Tiger and Red Vulture
– Two new single player weapons: Tribal Knife and Hunter’s M700 Predator
– Two multiplayer weapon unlocks: Type-10 (flare/shotgun) and Predator Bow
– One new character: Hurk and his monkeys
– Two new end of match movies for multiplayer starring Hurk and his monkeys

In other words, everything that was previously available in the individual Lost Expeditions, Monkey Business, Warrior, Hunter and Predator packs for the game.

If you missed Tim’s review of Far Cry 3, here it is.

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