Far Cry 4’s live-action trailer is incredibly weird

Far Cry 4’s live-action trailer is incredibly weird
far cry 4 spirit tiger
No magic spirit tigers in this trailer, but at least one drug-induced hallucination.

A new trailer for Far Cry 4 has been released, but… it’s not exactly a Far Cry 4 trailer.

For starters, it’s all live-action, which is a bit odd. Slightly odder is that this seems to be a trailer for a tie-in browser thing – theĀ Far Cry 4 Experience – which will unlock rewards in Far Cry 4 itself. It offers four live-action vignettes (with one available now, and the others unlocking weekly) which task the player with making decisions quickly. Each vignette then unfolds in different ways depending on your choices, and this will apparently let the site gauge your personality and give you appropriate rewards.

For instance, the one available now has you get into a fight with some chap in his house, and it primarily relies on you picking which bit of the environment you want to try using as a weapon. It’s… certainly interesting! But very weird.

Have a look at the trailer below, and then wander over to the Far Cry 4 Experience page to give that a try for yourself.

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