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If this amazing umbrella makes it into the game, the trip was 100% worthwhile.

I’m not quite sure when or why VICE Magazine got involved in videogame trailers, but this Far Cry 4 one is another interesting co-production. Last time VICE was partly responsible for a trailer, it was the half-way decent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare one about private military companies.

This time it’s Ubisoft’s turn to make use of their services. Together, members of the Far Cry 4 team and some people from VICE, headed off to Nepal for a look at what the country they’re basing their videogame in is really like. Not a bad idea really, doing research and stuff. It’s hard to say how truthful this stuff is (it’s all marketing after all,) but there’s a point in the video where one of the Far Cry 4 guys admits that before visiting actual places of Nepalese worship the audio for the in-game temples was rather stereotypical and rubbish.

Presumably, it’ll now be more authentic.

As well as finding out what temples sound like, the visitors are witness to an animal sacrifice (it’s not shown on-screen if that’s a concern) and meet with some veteran Gurkhas. Here’s where the premise of fact-finding for the game gets a little tenuous. I don’t doubt that Ubisoft wants to base the in-game fighting forces on the Gurkhas, but there’s inevitably going to be a massive disconnect between the actual people they speak with and the AI goons you end up mowing down in their hundreds in Far Cry 4.

I do, however, entirely believe that the curved ‘Kukri’ bladed weapon will be showing in the game. Probably a whole lot.

Far Cry 4 is coming in November and the trailer below is one of the more interesting ones videogaming has to offer.

Oh, and Ubisoft (possibly a different and more idiotic branch than the one responsible for the video above) is also running an incredibly dumb contest to play Far Cry 4 on Everest. Pay attention to the terms and conditions, because they mention that you may very well die if you win.

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