Far Cry 5 goes on a tractor rampage in extended video

Far Cry 5 goes on a tractor rampage in extended video

Ubisoft have put out an eight minute Far Cry 5 video, narrated by a couple of the game’s developers. In it, they go on a short tractor rampage, talk more about Boomer the dog, and stop for a spot of fishing.

Yes, fishing is confirmed in Far Cry 5. When you’re not running people over in tractors, or crashing through road-blocks in a very patriotic big rig cab, you can wrestle with some Montana fish. Boomer won’t help with that, but he can fetch guns for you during a fight and warn you of approaching predators (either of the animal or Doomsday Cult variety).

The game comes out in February next year. Here’s the trailer.

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    • rochyroch

      I struggle to watch first person games being played with a controller, it’s the sweeping arc movements.
      It’s like C3PO or Robocop is the protagonist.

      • https://www.pcinvasion.com Peter Parrish

        Well, you do play as some kind of Deputy. There’s still a slim chance that Deputy is Robocop.