Far Cry 5

Have you ever wanted to play Far Cry 5 but were too hesitant to spend money on something you thought you’d get sick of? Well, you’re in luck, as Far Cry 5 is going to have a fairly lengthy free weekend very soon. Starting on August 5 and lasting until August 9, users on every platform will be able to play the game for free for five whole days. I do mean every platform. Yes, even Stadia. You read that correctly, Stadia is, in fact, still around. No, I don’t know why either. What I do know is that this seems like a great time to kick back and kill the crap out of a bunch of murderous cultists.

The entirety of Far Cry 5‘s campaign will be available for one or two players, although I’m fairly certain this is just the standard edition, and any Gold Edition DLC will be out of reach. PC players can get in on the action via either the Ubisoft Store or the Epic Games Launcher. Starting from August 5 at 9 AM EST, you can download it from Ubisoft. You’ll have to wait until 1 PM EST to do so on EGS. All progress made during the free weekend will carry over if you’re sold on the game and end up buying it.


Far Cry 5 will have a free weekend starting on August 5

During this period, both the standard and Gold editions of Far Cry 5 will receive substantial discounts, further enticing players to throw some cash around. The standard edition on PC will be 85% on the Ubisoft Store and Steam, while the Gold Edition will get an 80% discount, alongside a 70% discount on the season pass. Surprisingly, the discounts are a bit less on EGS by 5% for all three. It’s almost like Ubisoft doesn’t want people to buy it on EGS. What is it hiding?

Far Cry 5

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