Ubisoft have released a few details, and a shiny new trailer, about online co-op in Far Cry 5. Dubbed ‘Friends for Hire,’ it’ll allow pretty much the entire game to be played in two-player co-op.

Immediately after the tutorial, all of the rest of Far Cry 5 is open to online co-op. All earned experience and inventory items (except quest-specific stuff) will carry over between co-op sessions, and each player will collect their own loot. Story progress will only continue for the host of the co-op session, however. So if you hop into someone’s game you can earn a bunch of experience and find some neat items, but you won’t advance the story.

‘Guns for Hire’ and ‘Fangs for Hire’ (NPC human and animal companions respectively) can still be hired in co-op. You’re still limited to a maximum of two buddies though, so one of those spots will be taken up by your real life human pal. Here’s the latest Far Cry 5 trailer, showing some helpful companions working together to take down the Hope County doomsday cult.

Far Cry 5 will be released in February 2018.

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