Far Cry 6 guide: The best weapons and attachment mods

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Best Mod Attachments Best Mods

Far Cry 6 has plenty of weapons that you can add to your arsenal. You’ve even got Resolver variants that are more akin to makeshift firearms than normal guns. Still, you’re bound to wonder which armaments are ideal. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you with the best weapons and attachment mods.

Note: For more information, check out our Far Cry 6 guides and features hub. Likewise, please remember that this guide is based on my experience after reviewing the game and completing its campaign.


Far Cry 6 guide: The best weapons and attachment mods

For the sake of clarity, my suggestions for the best weapons and attachment mods in Far Cry 6 are solely for standard weapons from FND caches and guerrilla vendors. The vendor NPCs unlocked by the Guerrilla Garrison camp facility will sell stuff depending on the building’s upgrade tier. Meanwhile, FND caches give you random loot. As for mod attachments, you’ll need gunpowder and other materials.

Primary 1: MS16 S semi-auto rifle

  • Attachment mods: Armor-piercing rounds, American Suppressor, and Specter Sight

This weapon is almost unrivaled, and it lasted me all throughout Far Cry 6‘s campaign. To be frank, any semi-auto rifle would work (just look at those with low RPM stats). This one simply excels since it’s got 15 bullets in the magazine and it’s a 1-star weapon (you’ll get it a lot earlier in the game). Likewise, these attachment mods ensure that you can easily kill enemies with a single headshot. Just make sure you also increase Dani’s level while progressing. Later once you acquire the MS16 L, you can add the Vampiric Triada and Headshot Supremo mods.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Best Mod Attachments Best Mods 1

Primary 2: Any light machine gun

  • Attachment mod: Blast Rounds

Any light machine gun would be fine as long as it has Blast Rounds. Because of the high rate-of-fire and large magazine size, this is the ideal weapon to use against helicopters (and they will swarm you often in the game).

For your third primary weapon, you can go with anything you prefer. I actually just used the RAT4 rocket launcher to make quick work of land vehicles.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Best Mod Attachments Best Mods 2

Sidearm: M9

  • Attachment mods 1: Armor-piercing Rounds, Pistol Suppressor, and Micro Reflex Sight
  • Attachment mods 2: Trigger Discipline, Vampiric Triada, or Headshot Supremo

The M9 pistol is one of the first weapons you can acquire in Far Cry 6. With the right mods, you can turn it into one of the best. I actually played Far Cry 6 the same way I approached Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. That meant using the pistol to land well-placed headshots to capture bases stealthily.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Best Mod Attachments Best Mods 3

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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