Far Cry 6 guide: How to get The Autocrat unique pistol in Fort Quito

Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Pistol Unique Weapon

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Autocrat is one such example, and it might be the first rare find that you’ll stumble upon in Far Cry 6. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get The Autocrat unique pistol from the Yaran Contraband chest in Fort Quito.

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Far Cry 6 guide: How to get The Autocrat unique pistol in Fort Quito

The Autocrat unique pistol in Far Cry 6 can be found in Fort Quito (Quito – Isla Santuario). You’ll automatically visit this location as part of the “Du or Die” mission, the same one that gives you access to the Supremo backpack and Resolver weapons. The objective in the fort is to kill the officer so you can get the keycard that opens the armory. Inside, you’ll find depleted uranium. However, you’ll also notice a box symbol with the gun icon telling you that there’s a Yaran Contraband chest nearby.

Simply go to the ground floor of the fort and look for a hatch that leads further down below. You’ll discover an underground cavern with a river flowing out to the sea. There’s a shed here that’s locked, but the Yaran Contraband chest is inside. To grab it, check the right-hand side while facing it to spot wooden boards. Use your machete (“F” key) to destroy the obstacle. You can then open the chest.

Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Pistol Unique Weapon 1 Yaran Contraband Fort Quito

The Autocrat mods

  • Armor-Piercing Rounds – Fires in a straight line; penetrates helmets and body armor.
  • Trigger Discipline – Improves aimed weapon damage.
  • Gut-Wrencher – Improves body shot damage.

The Autocrat isn’t a particularly flashy unique weapon, but it gets the job done. While it’s true that there are better options out there, The Autocrat should still be viable during the first few hours of your Far Cry 6 romp. You could replace it once you have the necessary materials to unlock mods for your M9 handgun. It’s one of the best weapons in the game when given the right attachments.

Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Pistol Unique Weapon 2 Yaran Contraband Fort Quito

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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