Far Cry 6 Ida's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Triada Blessings

The Triada Blessings sidequest in Far Cry 6 will take you to several regions to find secrets. One of these happens to be in Madrugada. Here’s our guide to help you with Ida’s Triada Relic treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

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Far Cry 6 Ida’s Triada Relic treasure hunt guide

The Ida’s Triada Relic treasure hunt in Far Cry 6 starts at the La Triada Mural in Lozania. It’s between Hideout Trova and the town of Verdera, and also fairly close to where you’ll meet Zenia Zayas if you’re planning to get the Señor Pinga tank.

Fc6 Ubi Trd Bls Madru 1

Anyway, you can read the note at the base of the mountain to start the treasure hunt.

From here, use your grapple and the vines to climb to the top. You’ll eventually reach a cave system.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Triada Blessings 1

The goal here is to navigate the cave system by using the available ziplines and ledges. In the case of ziplines, you might see some that are crisscrossing along various points. To speed things up, you can press Ctrl to drop down, then the spacebar to grab the next zipline.

As for the ledges, you should encounter a few that you can climb on. Make sure you aim the cursor at another ledge off to the side or the ones above you so you can keep climbing. The arrows also point to the direction that you need to go to inside the caverns.

Fc6 Ubi Trd Bls Madru 2

Eventually, you’ll reach an altar that has Ida’s Triada Relic. You can read the note, as well as open the chest. The chest itself has the Ida’s Sigil helmet. Its perk, “Night Sight,” highlights allies, soldiers, and animals during the evening.

Don’t forget to visit the other Triada Relic locations in Valle de Oro and El Este. Once you have all three relics, you can head back to Oluwa Cave to obtain some cool rewards.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Triada Blessings 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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