Far Cry 6 Senor Pinga Karlito Tank

The Señor Pinga and Karlito are unique tanks that you can acquire in Far Cry 6. Although they’re variants of the 1944 Petrov HS-100 found in the wild, there are special missions that allow you to gain control of them. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you obtain the Señor Pinga and Karlito tanks.

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Far Cry 6 guide: How to get the Señor Pinga and Karlito (flamethrower tank)

Señor Pinga tank

The Señor Pinga tank in Far Cry 6 can be found in Madrugada. You’ll need to complete a couple of Yaran Stories (sidequests) from Zenia Zayas. Try to talk to various guerrilla NPCs to reveal more information on your map if you can’t get this quest. As of now, I’m not sure if the quest appears if you simply visit the location, but you can try if you want. She’s found in La Triad Mural (Northern Monjas Valley – Lozania).

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Here are the steps:

  • Stealing Thunder – Steal a tank in the marked location and bring it back to Zenia’s garage. This will unlock the next Yaran Story.
  • Heavy Metal – The tank will have a fresh coat of paint. Take it to Verdera and destroy 12 of Anton Castillo’s propaganda billboards. Enemies will swarm this area after a while, so watch out.

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Karlito flamethrower tank

The Karlito is quite a unique tank in Far Cry 6 since it lets your turret blast a constant stream of flames. To unlock it, you’ll need to go to El Este and complete operations until you get National Treasure. This takes you to the Museum of False Revolution (which also happens to have the Noblesse Oblige unique rifle). Here are the steps:

  • Eliminate all the guards.
  • Repair Karlito.
  • Drive it down the road while following the markers. You can ram other vehicles with it to completely destroy them.
  • Take it to the hidden cave to complete the mission.

Far Cry 6 Senor Pinga Karlito Tank 1

Much later in the El Este arc, you’ll get an operation called Harpoon. Here are the steps:

  • Take out the defending soldiers and break through the fortress.
  • Inside, there’s a room where you’ll get trapped. Interact with the valves before the poison kills Dani.
  • When you reach the ramparts, you’ll find the El Florecer unique pistol. Take out the enemy waves until Yelena finishes hacking the cannons.
  • Fire on the barricaded door.
  • Enter the room which will cause the time to slow down. Shoot Admiral Benitez when you can.

With the completion of Harpoon, the Karlito flamethrower tank will be yours for good. If you’ve managed to acquire all the other variants, then you’ll have completed your collection of armored annihilators.

Far Cry 6 Senor Pinga Karlito Tank 2

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