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Ever since Far Cry 3 came out, we’ve had to endure endless “definition of insanity” memes. Well, Ubisoft is once more ready to lean fully back into it with Far Cry 6‘s first DLC, Vaas: Insanity. Yes, that’s actually what it’s called. Not only will the DLC see players descending into Vaas’ mind, but they’ll be able to do so soon, as the expansion is dropping early next week. It’s the first of three, with the others also being tied into previous Far Cry villains, such as what’s-his-face from the fourth game and the crazy cult leader from the one after that.

If you’re itching to jump in, Vaas: Insanity has a release date set for November 16, so there’s less than a week to go. We don’t know a hell of a lot, but what we do know is that we can expect the DLC to be notably different from the base game. It’s said to be “inspired by the rogue-lite genre,” so we can possibly expect either procedural generation of various elements and permadeath.


Michael Mando is returning to reprise his role as Vaas, and gameplay will see players start with nothing but a pistol. New weapons will need to be found, but there are also powerups. These will be utilized to progress deeper into Vaas’ psyche, because I guess the whole DLC takes place in his mind or something.

The definition of Vaas: Insanity

Far Cry 6 launched last month, and we found it to be a good time. The game is, of course, set in a fictional nation that is being oppressed by a brutal dictator and, naturally, it’s up to the player to join the resistance and do their utmost to liberate the land from his hateful clutches. The season pass specifically focuses on the trio of villains, so there’s no word yet on new adventures set in or around Yara. On PC, season pass owners will also get Blood Dragon, but just the same version that was released years ago.

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