Far Cry 6: How to get the Vaya Con Dios in Gabriel Castillo Airport

Far Cry 6 Vaya Con Dios Rifle Gabriel Castillo Airport

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Via Con Dios is one such example. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get Vaya Con Dios unique rifle from a Yaran Contraband chest in Gabriel Castillo Airport.

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Far Cry 6 Yaran Contraband guide: How to get the Vaya Con Dios unique rifle in Gabriel Castillo Airport

Gabriel Castillo is the father of Anton Castillo, the dictator who holds an iron grip over Yara. Daddy C’s airport can be found in Mirador Cape along the eastern coast of La Joya, El Este. Is there a reason to visit this area while free-roaming? Probably not.

If you can wait a while, at least past the halfway point of the El Este story arc, you’ll receive an operation called “Tourist Trap.” Your goal here is to hack the terminals in Sean McKay’s plant. But, this process is going to take a while if you can’t disable the wave jammers in Mirador Cape. There are 11 in total and one of them can be found in Gabriel Castillo Airport.

You might as well grab the Vaya Con Dios rifle from the Yaran Contraband chest while you’re at it. The container is in the air traffic control tower.

Far Cry 6 Vaya Con Dios Rifle Gabriel Castillo Airport 1

Here are the mods of the Vaya Con Dios rifle in Far Cry 6:

  • Soft-Target Rounds – Heavy damage versus unarmored targets; weak versus armored targets.
  • Gunslinger – Improves draw and holster speed.
  • Press Your Advantage – Improves weapon damage versus enemies at low health.

The Vaya Con Dios rifle might just make you go “Ay, Dios mio!” because of how terrible it is. As mentioned in other guides, Soft-Target Rounds is useless once you’re up against elite soldiers with helmets and body armor. Why would you even bother with that mod when Armor-Piercing Rounds punch through defenses and skulls anyway? The other two perks won’t help out much, too.

Far Cry 6 Vaya Con Dios Rifle Gabriel Castillo Airport 2

ar Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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