UbiSoft giving away Far Cry: Blood Dragon free this month

UbiSoft giving away Far Cry: Blood Dragon free this month

UbiSoft is continuing their Ubi30 celebrations this month with another free game giveaway and it’s Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

This classic can be blasting its way onto your PC on 9 November and we recommend you play it if you haven’t already. This one of the few games to be honored with a 9/10 here on PC Invasion as you can see from our review.

Peter summed it up perfectly when he wrote:

“But what could’ve so easily turned out to be disastrous piece of self-indulgent trash, replete with dumb “hey, remember the 80s, they were so 80s!!” referential humour, succeeds in paying worthy tribute to its subject matter. It’s trash alright; sublime, entertaining trash that lifts the desert chrome absurdity of VHS action movies and dumps it all over a compact version of Far Cry 3‘s open world and open choice combat. Blood Dragon is a better written, cheaper (in every sense) and funnier version of the original game. Only one man can look deep inside themselves, find the courage to do what’s right and purchase Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon to avenge their fallen brothers.”

The game is listed on the Ubi30 site ahead of its free release.


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