Far cry blooddragon (1)

Yep, this one is included.

Ubisoft has announced a bundled compilation of Far Cry titles, to be released in the US and Europe under slightly different names and in slightly different compositions. Shall we take a look at the differences between them? Yes, let’s.

So, Europe gets Far Cry: The Wild Expedition on 14 February (how sweet) for £30.00 GBP. It has all of the games in the series: Far Cry (hilariously appended with the word Classic for some reason,) Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon.

In the US, it has the much more boring and utilitarian title of Far Cry Compilation and is missing the original for some reason. Maybe there are licensing issues, or perhaps Ubisoft just assumes America won’t care about a ten year old game. Which seems unlikely, but you never know. Anyway, the US set costs $40.00 USD.

So there you go, a reasonable chance to get all (or most) of the series in one spot. Unless you live somewhere other than the US or Europe.

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