Far Cry Primal follows the steps of Fallout 4, since it will also get a brand new Survivor Mode. Ubisoft announced that they will add a more difficult mode to the game, including the option of selecting “permadeath”.

    Survivor Mode promises an all in all tougher experience with stronger enemies, no minimap, a limitation of the movement through a stamina gauge and a stronger fog of war. So yeah, if you want to feel the wrath of the prehistoric “jungle”, you should be prepared for Far Cry Primal’s incoming Survivor Mode.

    The player will have of course the option to tweak here and there the difficulty level and various challenges, but if you manage to complete it at Extreme difficulty, you will get some goodies after that. You should obviously get something cool after completing a mode which is described as “the hardest and most insane challenge possible for the game.”

    The Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode will be added to the game in a patch coming on April 12 and Ubisoft will demonstrate this “hardcore” mode in a Twitch livestream on April 7.

    Paul Younger
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