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Giants Software is continuing its support of Farming Simulator 19 with yet another new paid DLC for the simulator, the Rottne Pack. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with actual farming.

This time, the new content includes forestry machinery from Swedish manufacturer Rottne Industri.


These new authentically-recreated machines will up your forestry game by providing two vehicles to handle the hard work: the Rottne F20D and Rottne H21D.

Wood works

Farming Simulator 19 Rottne Pack H21d

The H21D is a wood harvester that has a mean array of eight wheels, which can be chained for extra traction, and a foldable crane that allows you to maneuver large timbers, as well as give you maximum mobility when on the road. This crane isn’t just useful for lifting trunks, but it has a built-in saw-blade, thus eliminating the need for a manual handheld chainsaw.

Farming Simulator 19 Rottne Pack F20d

As for the next machine, the Rottne F20D, it’s all about haulin’. This wood forwarder also has a built-in crane for lifting heavy loads and a lot of space in its tree trailer that will allow you to transport several logs at once. Using both of these machines in tandem will allow you to make easy work of the wooded areas around your chosen map.

Giants will be releasing the Rottne Pack for Farming Simulator 19 on March 16 for a mere $4. Pre-orders are open now.

Task masters

As work continues on the unannounced next entry in the Farming Simulator franchise, Giants Software has been tiding its community over with regular releases of new content like this. Just a few weeks ago, the GRIMME DLC pack sprouted onto the scene focusing on potato harvesting.

Back in December, the team also released a free DLC pack in the form of the Precision Farming DLC which greatly enhanced the complexity of fieldwork for those who want a more hardcore farming experience. The largest update to the game to date, however, came a few months ago with the Alpine Expansion, which included a new map based on the Swiss Alps and a variety of new machinery.

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