Farming Simulator 19 Pc Platinum Expansion Claas Mowing And Bailing Grass

If you happen to own Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum, then you’ll be happy to know that the dev team over at Giants Software has finally gotten around to making some improvements and adjustments to it. Despite the DLC having released nearly a half-year ago, a new patch has only recently rolled out to address some issues that players found. This brings its version up to 1.2. 

Various parts of the CLAAS machinery included in the Platinum DLC have been updated in this new patch for Farming Simulator 19. This includes various visual fixes, gameplay improvements, ghost movements, and sound fixes.

Keep in mind that this patch is only for folks who own the Platinum Edition or Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 19. That means if you don’t have the official CLAAS pack, then none of these improvements apply to your version of the game. Keep in mind that this also has nothing to do with any community-made CLAAS mods over at Farming Simulator’s Modhub.

If you don’t happen to own this pack, here’s a quick rundown. The Platinum Edition/Expansion for Farming Simulator 19 features about 41 pieces of equipment from CLAAS, which includes major categories like new tractors, harvesters, wheel loaders, and various implements like weights, headers, balers, mowers, and trailers. The DLC does not include any new maps or other gameplay features; just new tools from CLAAS.

Farming Simulator 19 Pc Platinum Expansion Claas Tractor Family

I reviewed this expansion when it first released back in Fall 2019 and gave it the positive score of “7/10”. In it, I mentioned: “If you’re a big fan of CLAAS (similar to how some folks were drooling over the inclusion of John Deere at launch), then this is very good news for you. However, if you’re looking for something that will add a dramatic amount of depth to the existing Farming Simulator 19”. 

Here is the very lengthy changelog for the new CLAAS patch 1.2:


– serveral visual fixes
– fixed CLAAS scorpion refilling
– fixed slipping and some tools moving by themselves when they shouldn’t
– improved sounds on some machinery
– fixed cabin windows on JAGUAR 960 TT and JAGUAR 980

Complete Changelog

– improved connection hoses at ORBIS 900
– fixed clipDistance JAGUAR 960TT
– fixed lock arm from the attacher at ORBIS 900
– visual fixes at Vario 770
– added care wheel setup to Xerion twinWheelsNarrow configuration
– fixed broken skinning at TORION 639 and SCORPION 1033
– fixed steering bar at CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– added decals to CORIO 1275C
– improved honk sound from Xerion
– fixed flying Decals at QUADRANT 5300
– fixed clipping tube at LEXION 8900
– fixed graintank fill level dashboard at LEXION 8900
– fixed reflector position at JAGUAR 980
– changed reverse lights to back working light at CARGOS 9500
– visual fixes at LEXION 8900
– added 2 additional beacon lights to LEXION 8900
– improved trailer attacher Joint at TUCANO 580 for better driving with VARIO 770 TRAILER
– improved rotation limit on SCORPION 1033
– improved upper and lower position of CORIO header
– added wheel configuration for LEXION 8900
– fixed broken reel animation at VARIO 770
– improved work areas of QUADRANT 5300, LEXION 890 and ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– increased pipe rotation limits at LEXION 8900 and TUCANO 580
– improved pipe end part rotation in folded state on LEXION 8900
– added fuel needle at XERION
– added extra lights at CONVIO 1230
– added new icons at Tractors dashboard (ARION400, ARION600, AXION800, AXION900)
– fixed wheel slip at ARION 600
– fixed vehicleType and needed RPM at VARIO 770, CONVIO 1230, CORIO 875 and CORIO 1275C
– fixed collision mask from SCORPION 1033 because you cant refill fuel
– fixed pickup effect at QUADRANT 5300
– improved chopper collison on TUCANO 580 because you cant attach a trailer
– fixed wrong engine fan animation on LEXION 8900
– fixed decal size in the front window of TORION 1914
– fixed flying parts at the cabin from ARION 400
– improved main collision from AXION 900
– fixed cables on JAGUAR 980 and JAGUAR 960TT
– visual fixed at XERION
– fixed wheel slip at CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– improved engine sound on TORION 1914
– fixed tire sizes on ARION 600 and added MITAS broad wheels
– improved arm speed on SCORPION 1033
– fixed angular damping of wrapped silage bales from ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– removed tool adapter on TORION 1914
– fixed flying parts on ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– improved attacher limits on TORION 1914
– visual fixed on ARION 400
– fixed grain tank effect at auger on LEXION 8900
– fixed different track rim colors on LEXION 8900 AND JAGUAR 960 TT
– fixed pickup wheels rotation on ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– added cardan animation on ARION 600
– fixed hub size on AXION 900
– fixed crab steering on XERION
– fixed weights of W1800
– added beacon light on CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– added new dashboard icons on ARION 400,600 and AXION 800/900
– changed broad wheels from TM900 to TM100 at AXION 900
– adjusted light rotation on AXION 800, AXION 900, SCORPION 1033, TORION 639, TORION 956 SINUS, JAGUAR 980 and XERION 5000
– added beacon lights on CORIO 1275C and VARIO 770 header trailers
– adjusted fill level on CARGOS 9500
– adjusted hubs on ARION vehicles
– added new wheels to the LEXION 8000
– added lamp to grain tank of TUCANO 580
– added missing lights and improved textures on AXION 900
– added day driving light to AXION 900
– fixed DISCO 3600 FC moving by itself
– fixed DISCO 1100C moving by itself
– improved hose connections on TORION 1914
– fixed dashboard on LEXION 8000
– improved skinning of sideflaps on DISCO 3600 FC
– fixed cabin windows on JAGUAR 960 TT and JAGUAR 980
– improved wheel position and gap between wheels and axis on CORIO 1275C header trailer
– added new (bigger) wheels to AXION 900
– improved slipping of TORION 1914
– fixed light rotation on JAGUAR 960TT, JAGUAR 980, TUCANO 580
– improved sliding of DIRECT DISC 500 and CONVIO 1230 header trailers
– fixed window on XERION 5000
– added Trelleborg and Michelin narrow tires on AXION 800
– fixed rotation of warning sign on LEXION 8000
– fixed floating parts on ARION 600
– did some visual clean ups on LEXION 8000, ROLLANT 455 UNIWWRAP and CLAAS WEIGHTS
– fixed decal on TUCANO 580
– fixed decal positions on LEXION 8000
– fixed backlights on ARION 600 being too bright while turned off
– added some visual fixes on the CONVIO 1230 and CORIO 1275 header trailers
– fixed flickering decal on ARION 400
– added cable connections to CONVIO 1230, CORIO 1275C header trailers and LEXION 8000
– fixed dashboard needle on XERION 5000 while engine was turned off
– fixed flickering decal on QUADRANT 5300
– added some visual fixes for ARION 400, ARION 600, AXION 800, AXION 900
– fixed hose positions on CORIO 1275C hand CORIO 1275C header trailer
– added visual fixes for JAGUAR 980, JAGUAR 960 TT, LEXION 8000, XERION 5000, TUCANO 580, SCORPION 1033, TORION 639, TORION 1914 and TORION 956 SINUS
– repositioned camera slightly to the front on TORION 639 and TORION 956 SINUS
– slightly improved dirt on JAGUAR 980
– fixed flickering screws on QUADRANT 5300
– fixed dashboard on TUCANO 580
– adjusted narrow wheel configuration of ARION 600

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