Farming Simulator 19 Anderson Group Dlc

UPDATE – 3/6/2019: The official Farming Simulator YouTube channel has posted a trailer showing off the equipment included in this new DLC pack.

Farming Simulator 19 has been out on the market for nearly a half year at this point and yet it’s only now about to receive its first paid DLC pack since its initial launch.  In an industry that has now become very acquainted with the ‘service’ model, which basically means a steady stream of monetizable new content being provided on top of an existing property, holding off for several months is rather impressive. In any case, what’s truly important is what this new DLC pack is going to include.

Dubbed the ‘Anderson Group Equipment Pack’, this DLC pack will include 13 new farming implements from manufacturer Anderson Group. The vast majority of these brand new tools are actually for bailing, though there is also some tools for logging, like the M160 Loader and other tools for animal care, like the A700 and A9650 Mixer. No new tractors or machines will be included in this pack—it’s all about equipment.

Farming Simulator 19 Anderson Group Dlc 2

A Fresh Collection of New Toys

Owners of the Season Pass for Farming Simulator 19 will be able to get their hands on these 13 new farming implements immediately as soon as March 26 rolls around. If you do not have the Season Pass handy, then you’ll be able to pick up this pack for $9.99. Considering the limited scope of the uses that each piece of equipment in this pack cover, that might be a steep price for some. But, if you do happen to be a fan of mostly bailing, then this should be right up your alley.

If you have no intentions of forking up any cash, keep in mind that there’s still a plethora of free content that’s consistently growing. Not only are fans generating new content, but the development team behind Farming Simulator 19 have also been releasing new free DLC on a fairly regular basis ever since the game launched. Thus, there’s a wide range of options across the board.


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