Farming Simulator 22 Vineyard Orchard Farming

Farming Simulator 22 has finally showcased a full gameplay trailer, coming weeks after its initial reveal. The trailer shows off various aspects of farming that will be featured in the sim, including orchard and vineyard farming; a first for the series.

Several different machines are also given some time in the spotlight, maintaining the series’ trademark of working closely with licensed brands. Another bonus of this new trailer is that it gives us a first look at the sim’s new European map, which is called Haut-Beyleron. Based on the French countryside, this map will be a natural fit for the aforementioned new orchard and vineyard farming.


New scenes, and new selections

The new French-inspired map is influenced by different parts of the country, giving it a very unique look, from its geography and topography, to its architecture. Just like the other maps in Farming Simulator 22, this new EU map will also feature compatibility with the new seasons mechanic that’s being baked into the core simulator.

Aside from revealing gameplay footage and the new European map for the sim, Giants also revealed what its customers can expect in the near future, after launch. Despite the fact that Farming Simulator 22 hasn’t hit store shelves yet, Giants has already confirmed that there will be a gradual release of new content for the sim.

Cropping up

The first phase of content will be a vehicle pack that releases either in late 2021 or early 2022. The second release will apparently be another vehicle pack that is set to come out in Spring 2022. The third pack will contain new tools/machinery to help players “get things done, more efficiently.” This will release in Summer 2022. Finally, Fall 2022 will bring an “all-new map and a plethora of machines” as part of the sim’s first major post-release expansion.

Farming Simulator 22 Tractor And Hot Air Balloon

To gain access to all of this content as it releases, players will have to nab the Year 1 Season Pass for Farming Simulator 22. This suggests that another is likely to follow after this one has ran its course, which will of course cost more money.

Post-release content aside, Farming Simulator 22 will still contain a lot of new content in its base form. This includes new crops, a new gameplay mechanic (production lines), improvements to its terrain and scenery building systems, improved audio quality and effects, new visual effects, the aforementioned new seasons mechanic, and much more.

Farming Simulator 22 will plow its way onto PC on November 22.

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