Farming Simulator 22 Vermeer Pack Sc2 (copy)

It’s been a bit of a busy time forĀ Farming Simulator fans. With the newly-revealed Platinum Expansion just weeks away from release, Giants has been and will continue to outfit Farming Simulator 22 with some smaller bits of new content leading up to that.

Two new bits of machinery along with some improvements to the sim have come with Patch 1.7. Additionally, there are three new payware packages to enjoy.


More work to be done

Patch 1.7 brings with the the CLAAS Xerion 5000 Anniversary Edition large tractor. Additionally, the CLAAS Liner 4900 Business has been added in as new equipment. Despite its odd name, this swather (windrower) is all about the business of handling grain.

Additionally, various elements saw adjustments, such as some minor changes made to certain implements, and some fixes.

Moving from free to fee, two new bits of paid content have been added to Farming Simulator 22 as part of the Year 1 Season Pass: the ERO Grapeliner Series 7000 and the Vermeer Pack.

The latter is a bit of an agricultural time piece and features machines from the American manufacturer like the ZR5-1200, which is the world’s first self-propelled baler. As the name suggests, it creates bales of grass or hay all its own. The pack also includes “a trailed mower, a twin rake as well as a high-duty baler and bale processor.”

The ERO Grapeliner is going for $1.99 USD on its own, whereas the Vermeer pack is just a tad more expensive at $7.99 USD. The Year 1 Season Pass, which includes both these new bits of content as well as all other DLC released so far, goes for $39.99 USD.

Finally, the last bit of new content shown off is the Pumps n’ Hoses Pack. It will give players a more complex gameplay experience by introducing “umbilical systems, manure separation and configurable biogas plants.” It will also include a wealth of its own “new machines, tools and buildings [to] extend the infrastructure of manure distribution and resource storage on your farm.” There will be over 30 new bits of equipment in all.

The Pumps n’ Hoses Pack forĀ Farming Simulator 22 rolls out on September 27 for $17.99 USD.

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