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By now, just about everyone is familiar with the Farming Simulator games. Created by Swiss developer and publisher Giants Software, the franchise has become surprisingly popular since its debut in 2008. Furthermore, for the first time in its 16-year history, Giants Software is finally expanding outside of Europe.

A new branch has been set up in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, Giants is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and has branches in both Erlangen, Germany, and Brno, Czech Republic. This new opening offers plenty of employment opportunities, with the Chicago branch requiring an event manager, community coordinator, and customer support representative.

Giants Software’s future

CEO Christian Ammann details why Giants felt this was a good move going forward in the company’s official announcement. Ammann believes that a key component to Farming Simulator‘s success is the “strong relationship,” between the developer and the farming industry. Since Chicago is supposedly a “big farming hub,” it should provide Giants plenty of opportunities to attend various farming events.

Also, this will make it easier for the Farming Simulator dev to attend video game conferences that are prominent in the United States. The biggest examples include the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Penny Arcade Expo, and the Game Developers Conference.

Farming Simulator 19 did actually feature at E3 2018, with its action-oriented trailer somehow becoming more epic than half the first-person shooters on display that year. Presumably, having a branch in Chicago will make future appearances easier for Giants Software.

The announcement doesn’t suggest that Giants intends to alter their general plans anytime soon. Farming Simulator has been a great success for them, with Farming Simulator 19 shipping over 2 million copies alone, according to GameDaily. Given the series’ clear success, it’s understandable that there’s little desire to extend the brand and create new intellectual properties. Although they have made no official announcement as of yet, many expect that Farming Simulator 21 will release sometime this year.

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