An extremely important Dark Souls 2 site (maybe the most Dark Souls 2 important site) dedicated to playing Fashion Souls dress-up has launched in alpha form.

    You know how it is, you’re wondering whether that new pair of Fume Knight gauntlets will work with the Flying Feline Boots, but you’re not in the game to check. Or maybe you’re about to start a new Dark Souls 2 jaunt and want to plan your outfit in advance to make sure you’re the most stylish Sunbro/Invader on the block. The Fashion Souls site can help with all of these dilemmas.

    Effectively it provides you with a male or female paper doll and some drop-down menus from which to select the various bits and pieces of clothing found across Dark Souls 2. Select your prospective outfit combo, and then marvel at the results.

    dark souls 2 fashion souls

    I … think I need to work on this new style.

    As noted on the side panel there, the site intends to expand with further features in future. Such as the capacity to save your outfits for later viewing.

    There’s also a Reddit request from creator Citiral looking for help with taking high-quality shots of all the relevant bits of clothing, contributing UI tools and so on. So if you want to immortalise yourself as somebody who helped create an important resource for Dark Souls 2 dress-up, you know what to do.

    Peter Parrish

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