The First Descendant Rank Up Mastery
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Fastest way to level up Descendant Mastery Ranks in The First Descendant

Achieve ultimate power.

Mastery Ranks in The First Descendant are a great indicator of the progress of a Descendant, and also their base level of power. It’s important to level this up whenever you get the chance.

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Best way to earn Mastery Rank EXP in The First Descendant

Mastery Rank EXP can only be earned in two ways in The First Descendant:

  • Completing a mission for the first time
  • Leveling up without any Socket Types assigned to any Module Slots

This means that there are really two ways to level up your Mastery Rank quickly, and it depends on what stage you’re at in the game.

Objectively, the best way to earn Mastery Rank EXP is by simply playing through the story and completing missions. As you beat them, more will unlock, and there are many missions in the game to enjoy.

You can see how much Mastery Rank EXP you’ll be earning from a new mission by the numbers next to the mastery icon just under the Main Reward section.

Mastery Rank Exp The First Descendant
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You’ll be leveling up your Mastery Rank in no time by simply playing through the game.

However, this is a finite source of Mastery Rank EXP, and you may find yourself struggling against the new missions. For this, you’ll need to farm it to grow stronger.

How to farm Mastery Rank EXP in The First Descendant

There is only one other way to farm Mastery Rank EXP in The First Descendant and that is by leveling up without Modules equipped.

Leveling up without module slots — on your Descendant or Weapon — is pretty difficult, and it may force you to complete activities in older areas to survive the missions and get rewarded. As you level up doing this, you’ll earn Mastery Rank EXP. It’s a slower process, but it’s the best way by default if you’re struggling on the new missions.

To keep up with the difficulty of the new missions, make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Leveling up your strongest Modules
  • Have the best guns available
  • Have the best Reactor and External Components equipped
  • Play with others
  • Get good at the game

Keeping ahead of the difficulty curve is important to continuously benefit from Mastery Rank EXP in The First Descendant.

Now that you know all you need to know about Mastery Ranks in The First Descendant, you can go out there and become more powerful than ever before. To maximize your power, however, make sure you’ve got Kuiper Shards to upgrade your Modules.

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