Fata Deum God Game Kickstarter

With 13 days still to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Fata Deum has flown past its €40,000 ($43,444 USD) funding goal. The god game genre has never managed to rise to great heights, but former titles like Black and White and Spore did see some success. Many found the games, while entertaining, to always grow a bit stale after a while. Being an all-powerful god can be a bit dull, as it turns out.

However, times have changed. Modern-day games are not done when released. There are constant updates, DLCs, battle passes, seasonal events, and much more new content being added (paid and free) to extend the life of modern titles. And that’s something the god game genre can definitely benefit from. Plus, 42 Bits Entertainment intends to include a PvP multiplayer mode, which will make Fata Deum highly replayable with family, friends, and foes.

The power of a god

God games offer players unlimited power that they can use however they like. Fata Deum is no different in this regard. But from the trailer, it does look like it has a good sense of humor layered in. You can choose to be a benevolent god that performs miracles and rewards its followers. Or you could appeal to people’s base instincts and promise them blood and debauchery.

Just remember, mankind has a will of their own. That can be inconvenient for a god whose power grows with more followers. So, you’ll need to make sure your image resonates with your target market.

Fata Deum will feature a single-player campaign with four unique AI god opponents. The game has some interesting mechanics that will make god-gameplay more engaging. During the day, you can perform miracles to earn followers. Then, at night, you can influence the dreams of mortals to suit your divine plan. The style of the people and their buildings changes depending on which god they follow. And if you’re godly enough, they’ll even build monuments in your honor.

Fata Deum The Power Of A God

42 Bits chose Kickstarter so it could get players involved in the development of the game early on. So, if you like what you’ve seen so far, consider funding Fata Deum and influencing where the game ends up. You’ll need to use more traditional means to provide your suggestions, though – no influencing the developers through their dreams.

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