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Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse to finally see a worldwide release in 2023

Get your lenses ready.

Survival horror enthusiasts may have a passing familiarity with Fatal Frame, Koei Tecmo’s unique horror series that centers around using a camera to ward off ghosts. So far, the series has received five main installments, with the latest one recently seeing a release on PC with enhanced visuals and additional features. Notably, the series’ fourth entry, dubbed Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, has remained a Japanese Wii exclusive ever since its 2008 release, which severely limited its potential reach despite its decent sales compared to prior entries. Fortunately, this will no longer remain the case. The fourth Fatal Frame installment will finally receive a worldwide Steam release sometime during early 2023.

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According to the Steam pageMask of the Lunar Eclipse tasks players with navigating abandoned mansions and hospitals to find clues and learn about the history of Rōgetsu Isle. Along the way, players will inevitably encounter spirits that they can repel by taking pictures with their trusty Camera Obscura. To tackle some of the more dangerous spirits, players will need to switch to different lenses and films to increase the power of their photographs.


What does the Steam version add?

As you might expect, the most significant change to the Steam version comes in the form of various graphical upgrades, including improved lighting and more polished cutscenes and character models. Additionally, the Steam version makes a few adjustments to the original game’s set of cosmetics while also adding new ones to the mix. This version even includes a brand-new photo mode that allows players to place the game’s characters and spirits however they wish to take pictures at their leisure.

The 2023 release of this Fatal Frame installment will finally allow more players to experience a game they might have enjoyed back in 2008 if it hadn’t been a Japan-exclusive release. Hopefully, this re-release will successfully preserve the original experience without introducing too many bugs.

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