“Feast” on Your Foes in Final Fantasy XIV’s New PvP Mode

Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO variation of the RPG classic, will be receiving a new PvP mode, titled “The Feast”, releasing with Patch 3.21. The main objective of this new PvP mode is to steal your opponents acquired medals in teams of either four or eight. While playing through the mode, you will also be able to receive performance boosts depending on how many medals you carry, the amount of time elapsed without getting knocked out, and randomly placed supply boxes.

Along with the new PvP mode, Patch 3.21 will add ranked PvP system for participants in “The Feast”. Patch 3.21 will park a pre-season period, Season 1 beginning with the release of Patch 3.25. Leaderboards will be updated daily on the Lodestone, a hub for Final Fantasy XIV players. Players who rank highest on these boards will receive special in-game bonuses at the end of a season.

Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription based MMO for PS3, PS4, PC, and Mac. You can find out more about the title, and the future updates, here.

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