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FFXIV Serpentlord Seethes FATE guide: Ttokkrone spawn timer, scales, and capybara mount

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The launch of a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion is always a blast, and a huge tradition for Warriors of Light is wasting hours of their lives waiting for a rare FATE to spawn. Dawntrail’s big rare boss FATE is The Serpentlord Seethes, which rewards players with a capybara mount if they can defeat a world boss named Ttokkrone.

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If you’re new to Final Fantasy XIV and haven’t toyed around with rare FATEs yet, then figuring out what the spawn timers and terminology mean can be confusing. There are helpful community trackers for each FATE, but if you don’t know what people are talking about when they mention the spawn window or cap, then it’s easy to get lost. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about The Serpentlord Seethes FATE in FFXIV, including the spawn timers for Ttokkrone.

How to Get the Mehwapyarra (Capybara) Mount in FFXIV

To get the Mehwapyarra, you need to exchange 12 Ttokkrone Scales at the Uah’shepya vendor in Solution Nine (X: 8.6, Y: 13.5). Obtaining these scales is easier said than done, however, as they only drop from an incredibly rare FATE that has a small chance of spawning at random once every 48 hours or so.

This FATE is The Serpentlord Seethes, which pits players against Ttokkrone in Shaaloani (X: 22.5, Y: 4.9). This FATE requires flying to access and is set at level 100, so make sure you have your best Viper build ready. Plus, you’ll need to bring a full party of eight players to get the maximum possible rewards upon completion. The Serpentlord Seethes FATE only spawns once certain conditions are met, and even then, the spawn rate is frustratingly low.

The Serpentlord Seethes FATE Chain Explained

In order for The Serpentlord Seethes FATE to spawn, a chain of prerequisite FATEs must be completed in Shaaloani.

  • The Serpentlord Stirs (X:24, Y:31)
  • The Serpentlord Speaks (X:29, Y:17)
  • The Serpentlord Sires (X:21, Y:8)
  • The Serpentlord Suffers (X:21, Y:8)

These FATEs will regularly appear throughout Shaaloani. After completing The Serpentlord Suffers, there is a 1.39% chance that Ttokkrone will appear and The Serpentlord Seethes FATE will begin. If Ttokkrone isn’t ready to spawn, the FATEs will repeat and the cycle will continue.

Final Fantasy Xiv Ttokkrone Waiting Room
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Your best bet to find Ttokkrone is to seek help from the Final Fantasy XIV community. There are always dozens of players waiting at the platform where Ttokkrone spawns, and you can join in on the fun (and delusion) by making Regalia parking lots, building Goobbue towers, or harnessing the power of the sun while you wait for the snake to appear.

FFXIV Dawntrail Ttokkrone Spawn Timer

The Serpentlord Seethes FATE has a 1.39% chance of appearing after the prerequisite FATE chain appears in Shaaloani. Ttokkrone has a 48-hour window where it can spawn, and it can only be slain once during this window before a cooldown period begins.

If The Serpentlord Seethes FATE has not appeared by the end of the 48-hour window, the FATE will reach its cap and Ttokkrone will be guaranteed to spawn at the end of the next FATE chain completion. It usually shows up before this though just by random chance, so don’t rely on the cap to get your Ttokkrone scales. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on any servers and instances that have Ttokkrone close to cap on Faloop, however.

How to Use Faloop in Final Fantasy XIV

Faloop is a popular community tracker in Final Fantasy XIV. It keeps track of rare Hunt Marks and FATEs in each FFXIV zone, including Ttokkrone and The Serpentlord Seethes. Once you’re on the Faloop home page, you can sort the list by expansion and by content type. If you’re just interested in Ttokkrone, then set Faloop to show 7.0 FATEs only.

Faloop will then show you the status of Ttokkrone on every FFXIV server. As long as the window is open and the meter is green, then Ttokkrone has not yet been killed on that server and instance. That means there is a 1.39% chance that The Serpentlord Seethes FATE will spawn after completing the FATE chain in Shaaloani.

Final Fantasy Xiv Faloop
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Most players tend to wait until the meter is close to reaching its cap, however. Once the cap is reached, Ttokkrone has a 100% chance to spawn after the FATE chain is completed. The spawn chance is locked at 1.39% until it reaches the cap despite what people may tell you, though. The spawn rate doesn’t increase as time goes on. If you see that The Serpentlord Seethes is close to its cap on Faloop, it’s a good idea to head to Shaaloani and camp out for the last few hours of the spawn window.

We also recommend joining a community Discord that tracks Hunt Marks and FATEs. There are several Discord servers that will ping you when FATEs spawn — among other things — so you can work on other content while you wait for Ttokkrone to appear. The Centurio Hunts Discord is the biggest one, but there are also Discord servers for each Data Center in particular. The Coeurl is the Discord server used by the Primal DC, for example.

How to Farm Ttokkrone Scales in Final Fantasy XIV

You need 12 Ttokkrone Scales to get the Mehwapyarra mount in Final Fantasy XIV, so you’ll need to defeat Ttokkrone at least twice. Since The Serpentlord Seethes FATE is so rare, however, you’ll want to maximize your rewards every time it spawns.

Once you spot an instance where Ttokkrone is near cap or get pinged by a Discord server when the snake spawns, immediately look for a full party. You can get either two, four, or six Ttokkrone Scales per clear if you get a bronze, silver, or gold rank respectively, and the highest contribution ranks are only possible with a party of other players.

Thankfully, everyone else is in the same boat. There are plenty of party finder listings available (most of them have “snek” in the description), and you can just say you’re looking for a party in Shout chat and someone will usually invite you. If you die during the FATE, do not return. Just lay there and wait so you can get your rewards.

If you’re getting unlucky with Ttokkrone spawn rates, then there’s no need to worry. People are still running rare FATEs from older FFXIV expansions, so you won’t miss out on the Capybara mount even if you take a break to do some MSQ or other content. If you really want to get it ASAP, though, then we recommend grinding Shared FATEs in Shaaloani to stock up on Bicolor Gemstones and level up your Viper and Pictomancer Jobs along the way.

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