Fifa 12 outsells PES 2012 by 25-to-1

It wasn’t like this five years ago…
We all know that Fifa outsells PES these days, but I don’t think we were all aware of by just how much.
Speaking at Electronic Arts’ UK Winter Showcase in London yesterday, EA’s vice-president of Europe, Keith Ramsdale, could hardly hold back his excitement as he broke the news to IncGamers.
“Fifa [12] went out only a couple of weekends ago. We had record pre-orders and record sell-throughs.
“And when you look at Pro Evolution Soccer versus Fifa… only five years ago in the UK PES was outselling Fifa. On its first weekend, like-for-like, we’ve outsold PES by 25 times.”
Ramsdale finished by giving his own thoughts on Fifa 12:
“…let’s be clear, [it’s] an absolutely kick-arse game. It’s unbelievable.”
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