FIFA 12 to focus on letting you play as manager

Because, “overwhelmingly”, managerial elements are the most popular part of career mode.
This year’s edition of FIFA will focus its resources on the game’s ‘Be A Manager’ componenets. The direction was confirmed by FIFA 12’s producer, David Rutter, when asked by IncGamers whether we’d see any changes to the game’s ‘Be A Pro’ mode.
“Our big focus this year has actually been on ‘Be A Manager’,” said Rutter, “overwhelmingly, the popularity of career mode rests on the manager side of things.”
Unfortunately, Rutter wouldn’t be budged on what lays in store for ‘Be A Pro’, stating only that:
“We do have a lot of cool stuff in the Be A Pro side of things for online play but I can’t really talk about that until later this year.”
However, he did tease that improvements would be included in FIFA 12:
“For people who enjoy Be A Pro though, we have looked at it and improved a number of areas but I can’t get over-excited about it now because I can’t you tell anything yet. This year has really been about the manager side of things though.”
You can read our full chat with Mr Rutter here.

Paul Younger

Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.