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PC Invasion

FIFA 14 PC Demo lets you kick your balls tomorrow (10th September)

FIFA 14 Demo

Update: The demo has now been released on Origin (Thanks Denis Hiza in the comments below for spotting this)

It’s the moment footy fans have been waiting for, an actual demo for FIFA 14, and it arrives tomorrow (10 September).

What’s in it? We do know there will be players, a round ball, probably a couple of goals and a man in black running around. What we know will not be in the PC version is the new Ignite engine because PCs are too crap to handle any cool new features according to EA. Either that or the dev team just couldn’t be arsed to add any new engine tweaks for PC gamers.

Since AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund feature in the image above, they’ll probably be in there too.

We have no idea what time it will appear but keep an eye on Twitter as any news will probably appear there first and we’ll also let you know as soon as we spot it.