FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Gold Rare packs given out free while EA fixes bug

FIFA 14 Styles - 5
Goldenballs for everybody.

People playing the “Ultimate Team” mode of FIFA 14 may have noticed a couple of free Gold Rare 25k packs in their team inventory. They’re there by way of an apology from EA for taking rather a long time to fix a transfer market search bug that’s been plaguing the game.

By EA’s own admission, the bug has been persisting for “several weeks” and prevents players from receiving results when they search the transfer market. You could possibly get around this by pretending to roleplay as Arsene Wenger, but it’s probably not the ideal way to try to run your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

According to the EA Sports team, “We’ve been working on a fix and now believe we’ve now pinpointed the cause of the issue… so we hope to resolve it before the end of next week.” They’re said to be in the “final stages of testing” with a patch. The bug appears to affect all versions of the game across all platforms.

So, to keep players semi-happy in the meantime, EA has given every Ultimate Team account created before 1 April a pair of untradeable Gold Rare packs for free. You have until 11 April to claim these, at which point they’ll disappear in a puff of virtual football smoke. Gold Rare packs, as the name suggests, have some pretty decent stuff in them. I just opened mine and got a Francesco Totti of my very own.

Look, shut up, he’s still good.

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    • Adnan

      I am having a problem. Whenever I go into my ultimate team it says “get your free packs…..” But, when I click on it it gives a message saying, “Nothing in this category………..bla bla” What am I doing wrong?