fifa 15 control balls

    FIFA 15 has much more of a cyborg feel this year.

    Whether you’re planning to shoot or just perform a bit of a dribble, FIFA 15 knows you must always maintain control over your balls. I’m … I’m sorry, I just enjoy blatant homoeroticism. A lot.

    So, FIFA 15’s latest shiny new trailer. We’ve already learned that players will be crippled by self-doubts and distracted by euphoria thanks to the power of EMOTIONS (or, at the very least, they’ll do a little “I’m miffed” animation when they miss a tap-in.) Today it’s the turn of agility and ball control.

    Like a lot of annual FIFA trailers, it’s kind of hard to figure out which bits are marketing bluster and which parts will actually make a meaningful difference to how the game controls and plays. EA Sports say they want FIFA 15 to feel “responsive” (the most responsive ever, even) which suggests the tug-boat turning speeds of FIFA 14 might be out of the window. Unless you’re controlling an aging League Two centre-back, I guess.

    They’ve “redeveloped player biomechanics” which means … uh … they’re better at balancing? Maybe? The idea seems to be to aid close control, by giving you more stutter and stride options when in possession. Also, it should affect “personality” players like Messi, who’ll allegedly favour his left foot during play.

    In the defensive area, players will now use “full body defending” to separate man from ball. I’m pretty sure this happens in prior FIFA games as well though, so I’m not really clear on how that’s any different. Dispossessing people is said to be “more physical than ever before.”

    Without having played the game it’s impossible to verify how any of this feels in practise, but it generally sounds alright. Here’s the trailer. FIFA 15 is out in September.

    Peter Parrish

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