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    Tim Howard, continuing his activities from the World Cup.

    EA’s Gamescom press event included a hefty segment of FIFA 15 news, including a lot of words about goalkeepers. The trailer below all of these words will give you a reasonable summary, but the gist is that EA Sports has been trying to improve positional awareness and has given the trusty net-minders a range of new animations.

    As well as pulling off somewhat different saves, this means you’ll also be able to score in slightly new ways; with fancy deflections off a glove, or a weird bobble off Tim Krul’s knee or something. It’s claimed the keepers will “look, move, and think like their real world counterparts.” Which could be good or bad, depending on how much faith you put in your club’s goalie.

    In addition to that goalkeeper business, it was announced that the 18 club Turkish Super Lig would be returning in FIFA 15 and that all 20 Premiership stadiums would be in there too.

    On the ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team front, there’s news that you’ll now be able to loan players to your club in order to see if they fit in with your general plans and word of a new “planning tool” called Concept Squads. The idea behind this is that rather than using an external third-party site, you’ll be able to fit together hypothetical squads and potential future transfers within the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team interface itself. Not a bad idea at all, if it’s laid out nicely.

    Friendly seasons are going to be added to Ultimate Team as well, offering a five match format.

    Career mode has some news too, for a change. You’ll now be able to set up six different team sheets with varying formations and instructions, which you’ll then be able to switch between depending on your upcoming opponent or the type of competition you’re in. Maybe you play ultra defensive in the league, but go all-out with a squad of attacking youngsters in the cup.

    FIFA 15 is coming in September. Here’s that existential goalkeeper trailer. Camus would be proud.

    Peter Parrish

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