June 19th, 2017

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team down for 2 April maintenance

EA is doing another of their periodic FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server maintenance sessions today, so if you find that it’s down that’ll most likely be the reason.

The process began at 8.30am Pacific Time (4.30pm in the UK) and is scheduled to last roughly three hours. But you know how these things can go, so FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team portion may not return at 11.30am/7.30pm on the dot.

Update: As you may have expected, the maintenance has been extended to 2pm Pacific/10pm UK.

Update 2: It should be back now. Rest of the original story follows.

This maintenance session also affects the web app and mobile apps. You won’t be able to use those either while this is going on. EA isn’t giving any precise details about what this maintenance entails, so it’s probably safe to assume they’re not introducing new transfer market features or anything.

The official post about today’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team down time can be read here. It’s not terribly exciting, though. Here’s a twitter post to match.

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  • Comments: 5
    • jammy

      WTF! its 9 o’clock and still not working literally snapped my disc

      • martin

        if you read it says its going till 10

        • Anthony Bovit

          its passed 10 mate, still not working.

          • Marc van der Greft

            anyone has any idea what they are doing or whats new or updated?

            • Steve Miller

              Maintenance is still happening, and they are most likely fixing the bs transfer market as well as the glitches in the market. Hopefully they fix the market to where I am not stuck with two Gotzea