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David Silva is distraught to learn that his coin-selling empire may be at risk.

As part of their ongoing efforts to prevent coin sellers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, EA Sports say they have removed the Trade Offer function from the game. It’s noted that while some “honest players” used this system to trade with their friends, it was open to a whole lot of abuse.

Coin sellers used it to shift coins, while people who’d stolen account details via phising or other methods also used it as a black market to sell stolen players and coins. EA Sports has weighed up the benefits of keeping the Trade Offer function against the amount of abuse and decided it’s better overall to just remove it in FIFA 15.

It was a tough decision, but this is the right step towards improving security, showing cheaters the red card, and keeping FUT safe for all FIFA fans,” they say.

In the same announcement post, it’s stated that the maximum transfer target number in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team will be set at 50 “after utilizing the EAS FC unlockable boosts.” So you’ll be able to bid on no more than 50 players at any one time. I imagine this is also related to efforts to combat bot-run sales.

Finally, Origin Login Verification will be mandatory in order to access the FIFA 15 web app, to provide a further layer of protection to accounts.

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