If you have problems controlling your spending on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs, then the news of 134 upgraded ‘Winter Upgrade’ players may be concerning. EA has tinkered around with a bunch of players, giving a whole load of them new, improved cards.

Here’s the game’s twitter account announcing the availability of the Winter Upgrades.

Coincidentally, that means (in most circumstances) you need to re-collect those players if you want their improved versions. EA has put together an FAQ, and a list, of the various updated cards.

Non-IF (in-form) players at your club don’t get any upgrade. You’ll need to find/buy/whatever the updated version of their cards. If the new overall rating for a player puts his score equal or above his current IF card, the IF card will get a bump. If it doesn’t, the IF card will stay the same. According to the FAQ, “If you already own the in-form version of an upgraded player in your Club, your IF will be upgraded.”

Things are a bit more complicated for players, such as Harry Kane, who now have a gold card (where previously they only had silvers.) Where players have been upgraded across “quality tiers,” EA say “his lower-quality IF will not be upgraded.” Kane, therefore, still has a pair of silver IF cards that won’t be upgraded.

If you’re still confused (and I don’t really blame you,) stare at the FAQ a bit longer until it starts making sense.

Part one of the new Gold cards is above. Here’s part two, followed by the Silvers, Bronzes and the all-important IFs. Images can be enlarged with a click.

fifa 15 winter upgrades (2)

fifa 15 winter upgrades (3)

fifa 15 winter upgrades (1)

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