The PC version of FIFA 15 has received a small update today, which mostly makes changes to the Ultimate Team mode. EA’s patch notes aren’t exactly forthcoming with in-depth details, so precisely what’s been fixed and altered isn’t always clear.

There are two things which do sound pretty welcome, though. The first is that “search functionality” in FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team transfer market has been “fixed.” I’m not sure if that meant certain players weren’t coming up in searches, or the transfer market was sluggish in general, or what, but it should now be improved.

In addition, there’s now a way to escape from an Ultimate Team tournament if you find yourself stuck in a tournament tree and unable to progress. Players can now reset to the start of the tournament as a workaround.

There’s also said to be “Improved security” against coin farmers (no specific details on this, though) and “Various stability fixes to improve the FIFA 15 experience” which is wonderfully vague.

However, the latest update appears to have introduced a potential bug. The FIFA 15 twitter account states that a problem with some players not receiving coin awards after an Ultimate Team match is currently being “investigated.” Hopefully they’ll sort that one out in due course.

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