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Revolutionary new physics.

EA Sports have decide to frame the big “thing” about FIFA 15 as emotion. At the EA press event, the team explained how players on the pitch will now have “memories” (no jokes about footballers’ limited mental capacities, please) and react to events in the context of the match accordingly.

That presumably means a broader range of mid-match animations, reacting to things like last minute goals or crushing defeats.

As usual, they’re also claiming even higher levels of player ball control than ever before, allowing you to “cut, sprint and explode out of turns” with new strides. If you had “new ball physics” on your FIFA 15 bingo card then you can cross that one off too.

Apparently the physical “feel” of man-to-man jostles will be different too. Somehow.

Crowds look to be improved, with much PR waffle about genuine atmosphere of individual stadia, and players will be leaving dirty marks all over the pitch with every slide tackle and stud imprint supposedly remaining for the whole match. There was a terrifying mention of moving advertising boards as well which, while authentic, I could do without. Hopefully those can be turned off.

You can read a PR friendly feature list over here.

Sadly there’s no word of EA Sports fixing any of the basic problems that have plagued the game for the last few installments: crucial things like the PC netcode, or sorting out the irritating tendency of a defender tracking after a lofted through-ball simply giving up. Instead, we have players who look a tiny bit more real. Oh well. At least the PC version will be the same as the PS4/Xbone one this time.

Have a trailer. No Patrick Stewart this year, alas. FIFA 15 is coming on 23 September (US) or 25 September (Europe,) depending where you live.

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