FIFA 15’s PC player center rush bug has equally bizarre fix

fifa 15 pc bug
No more of this, hopefully.

Enterprising FIFA 15 PC players have seemingly found a solution to the utterly bizarre “everybody rush after the ball” bug we reported on yesterday. EA has apparently been flummoxed by the issue, as they haven’t issued any kind of official comment on the curious state of affairs, but diligent players may have stepped in to save the day.

It’s a fix that’s possibly more odd than the bug itself, but people on the EA Answers forum have been confirming that it works so we’ll take their word for it. Apparently, the weird player behaviour is somehow linked to the name of the person’s PC. Here’s the thread post, and explanation:

“Compared the dxdiags to my PC… all have short machine names!

Renaming the PC to a longer name fixed it for me, the goalkeeper stays where he belongs now.”

Why would this work? I have no idea. What could possibly cause the name-player behaviour clash? I have no idea. Here’s a pretty good step-by-step guide to changing your PC’s name on Windows 7, and here’s one for Windows 8. Change the name to something around 10 characters long. Somebody else recommends keeping it lower-case, but that may not be necessary.

Then restart the PC, and see if FIFA 15 starts to behave.

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