The bugs or glitches which prevented Chemistry and Fitness from functioning correctly in FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team mode (and may have affected prior FIFA titles) has been patched on PC today. EA confirmed the PC patch in an update to their post on the subject, and I can confirm that the PC version has indeed had a 100mb update.

“This update addresses inconsistences in chemistry and fitness on some FUT items,” the patch notes state. EA add that “we will be sharing information on some of the deeper mechanics of Ultimate Team as we move towards the launch of FIFA 17“. They also note that the patch will be heading to other platforms in due course.

The Chemistry and Fitness glitches affected cards released after the initial launch of the game (so “in-form” and “Team of the Week” type releases etc). It meant that in some cases ‘standard’ versions of player cards with Chemistry mechanics and items correctly applied could out-perform their rarer, pricier counterparts. However, it also meant IF and TotW/TotS players could be played completely out of position without any Chemistry penalties, and never lost Fitness from playing matches.

After this update, that will no longer be the case, and Chemistry/Fitness mechanics should work correctly in FIFA 16’s UT across the board.

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