It took a couple of days, but EA have now acknowledged that the FIFA 16 ‘Chemistry glitch’ is something they’re looking into. For those who aren’t aware, this is the bug (or, if you’re more cynical, intentional handicap) that meant Chemistry boosts were only being applied to release day player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

This has massive implications for the entire game mode (especially if it has been present prior to FIFA 16, which is a possibility), because it means the more expensive and rare player cards like “in forms” and Team of the Week/Season are actually worse than their regular release versions. It also means some players (the ones added after launch day) can be played completely out of position with no negative Chemistry consequences, because it just doesn’t affect them.

EA’s response is not exactly an expansive one. Writing on the FIFA 16 forums, they state: “Thanks to the FUT community for raising awareness of a potential fitness and chemistry inconsistency in some FUT items. After hearing this, our teams were in over the weekend and continue to thoroughly investigate the information. We will keep you informed with updates from the investigation.

Our commitment to a fun, fair and secure experience in FIFA is ongoing, and as a community your feedback helps us achieve that goal. A special thanks for your continuous efforts across all channels.”

It’s written in a tone which rather undersells the problem, considering this bug/glitch may have been undermining the entire principles of the game mode.

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