Fifa 23 Pro Clubs Deep Dive Trailer Crossplay Seasonal Progression Skill Games In Team Lobby

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs to feature seasonal progression and skill games in lobby

Plus EA responds to crossplay controversy.

Pro Clubs in FIFA 23 is receiving some new features. As revealed in a new trailer, the team-based game mode is being improved. The improvements include seasonal progression inspired by Ultimate Team, a reworked leveling system, and skill games in the team lobby.

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Seasonal progression was introduced into Ultimate Team a few years back. It lets players work towards various objectives each season and get rewards for doing so. Pro Clubs will receive a similar progression model with new rewards and objectives being added every six weeks. These rewards primarily consist of cosmetics purchased through the Volta store, such as new tattoos.


Ever been in a situation where you’re waiting on the team sheet for your teammates to show up? EA is adding skill games to the FIFA 23 Pro Clubs team lobby to give you something to do while you wait. There will be 66 skill games to take part in, with a Pro Clubs specific leaderboard for each game. You can also earn XP while playing these games to further level up your player.

Speaking of levels, this year’s Pro Clubs has a reworked level system. Last year’s leveling was widely considered slow without enough substance. In FIFA 23, the maximum level has been increased from 25 to 100, and each level is easier to progress through. Furthermore, all player perks will have unlocked by level 25, so you won’t have to wait to try them out. That includes the four new perks that allow you to further tweak your player to suit your playstyle.


Crossplay has been a hot topic for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. This year’s installment brings the next-gen version to PC and supports crossplay, but it only supports crossplay on specific game modes. Despite being the game mode that would benefit most from it, Pro Clubs will not support crossplay. Following the community backlash, game designer director for Pro Clubs Richard Walz has responded. Walz states that although Pro Clubs won’t have cross-play at launch, improving the matchmaking in Pro Clubs is a priority for EA.

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