Giants vs Horde

We’ve often talked about games specifically designed with VR in mind to make the most of the technology and Giant vs Horde is an interesting concept. Seattle based developers Impossible Object have been inspired to create a unique gaming experience utilsing VR and launched a new Kickstarter project to push the game idea forward.

Games such as God of War, Starfox and Battlezone are all influences in what Impossible Object are calling a “asymmetrical event based multiplayer game” utilising the VR tech of the Oculus Rift, ShadowVR, MYO gesture control,  Optitrack and Motive.

The idea behind this game is for players to join special events where they’ll fly a space fighter ship and attack a giant boss. In Giant vs Horde the boss is actually a real person playing in VR and being motion tracked. Players will have to swoop, shoot, attack and fly around the Giant. The Giant will have to use powers and real body movement to take the players out. It’s certainly unique that’s for sure.

There are twelve special events planned running once every two weeks on a weekend. Players at home will battle different giants and the events will last several hours. If the concept takes off then there are plans to run even more events. Let’s just hope Impossible Object have plenty of people to play the role of the giant because it sounds exhausting.

The game has been in development for around a year and Impossible Object has decided to launch a Kickstarter looking for $50.000 to get the community playing, testing and providing feedback.

There’s a real hurdle with VR tech and that’s the price. It would be impossible for a gamer at home to pull on a VR headset and jump into a motion tracked bodysuit to play as the boss so the next best thing is to fight the boss from your desktop and let Impossible Object worry about the cost of all the gear needed.

It’s great to see developers experimenting more with VR which really needs games specifically developed for it to make the most of the tech.

If you like concept then pop over to the Kickstarter page now.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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